15. I Can’t Get You Out Of Me

(Barry Keenan)

You said I slowly drained all of the life right out of you
Took all that you could take ‘til you caved in
I close my eyes to see you
You’re not here but I can feel you
I can’t get you out of me

Did I ever tell you
I love you more than life?
Funny how the life in me has died
I hear you in the silence
I listen to the quiet
I can’t get you out of me
No I can’t get you out of me

I hold on for the children
I watch them while they sleep
And in their sweet, young faces
There’s so much of you I see

If Heaven holds a place for those who follow their commitment
Then why is everyday a living hell?
I look at the horizon
I’m left alone here crying
I can’t get you out of me
No I can’t get you out of me
I can’t get you out of me

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