4. Mr. Farrington

(Barry Keenan)

Mr. Farrington hates his job
He hates his life
Works for Mr. Allynee
And won’t amount to anything
Mr. Allynee says Mr. Farrington’s a losing breed
He’s nobody…nobody
That Farrington

Mr. Farrington
Meets his friends down at Bob Burns Pub
Orders up another round
And brags how he put Allynee down
Higgins testifies that every word of Farrington’s is true
They drink together
They all feel better at Bob Burn’s

Give us all another round
Give us all another round

Mr. Farrington
Comes home drunk
His dinner’s cold
Mrs. Farrington’s at church
She’s praying for the whole wide world
Farrington goes hunting for his son
Who hides beneath the bed
He’s fighting mad….fighting mad
That Farrington

Don’t beat me…don’t beat me…don’t beat me
Daddy don’t beat me
I’ll say a Hail Mary for you
I’ll say a Hail Mary for you
Daddy for you

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