"The #1 internationally acclaimed LWWT chart topping song. Available as a bonus track on Barry Keenan’s brand new album, “Contrary To Popular Belief”, Release Date: May, 2012


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What people are saying:

"Doing radio for so long, I have heard some of the best songwriters….… this is a well-crafted song, written by a brilliant songwriter."
- Roz Larman, Host/Producer, FolkScene Radio, July 2010

"Barry--very powerful, and moving too!"
- Drey Samuelson, Chief of Staff for US Senator Tim Johnson

"The song is great! If it can only be played in every language
and in every country in the world!"

- Michael CY Tsang

"This song is the most relevant social song for this or
any other war generation that I've heard."
- Gene Herd